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Funtrepreneur, Pot Stirrer, & Possibility Seer

DSC_2809Becky has a contagious optimism and warmth that encourages people to do things they didn’t think they could do and to have a fun time doing it.  She is charismatic, down-to-earth, willing to take big risks, and deeply committed to creating good and beauty on this planet.  With over 20 years of leadership and management experience in the military and non-profit sectors, her number one passion is helping fellow leaders tap into their fullest creative powers.

Prior to co-founding The Social Change Agency, Becky directed the 100,000 Homes Campaign for Community Solutions.  Featured on 60 Minutes,  the Campaign was a nationwide large-scale change effort that housed 100,000 of the most long-term and medically vulnerable homeless people in America in four years. In her former life, she commanded two Special Operations and Airborne companies in the US Army.  She championed the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in her role as founding board chair of Knights Out, a non-profit formed for West Point grads willing to publicly come out as LGBT.

Becky was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for her service to the nation as a female veteran. Her project, the 100,000 Homes Campaign, received the prestigious World Habitat Award from the Building and Social Housing Foundation in conjunction with the the United Nations.


  • Hendricks Institute Certified Coach
  • National Outdoor Leadership School Graduate
  • Masters Degree, Organizational Change Management, The New School
  • Bachelors Degree, United States Military Academy, West Point

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