Powerful Leadership for Social Change

Master 12 Leadership Skills To Experience
More Freedom, Connection, Creativity & Impact
in Your Work to Make the World a Better Place-
Even If You’re Feeling Burnt Out Now

Leadership for social change requires rigorous discipline to execute specific hard-skills and mastery of advanced interpersonal skills to bring out the best in everyone you encounter, while eliminating entirely the drag on effectiveness that results from workplace drama.

If you have one without the other, you might as well be pushing a rock up a hill. It just won’t work, and until now, these skills weren’t taught in one place.

Leaders for social change must master the art of influence without authority, because the truth is, nobody’s in charge. Take any complex social problem that’s worth solving and they all have one thing in common: no one is in charge. It takes a special person to be willing to lead social change against such odds.

This online course is designed to inspire and support social change agents and equip them to lead in such a way that optimizes impact while preventing burn-out. Whatever it takes, without sacrificing yourself along the way.

You can have a great time making the world a better place.  Let us teach you how.

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Our team and our guest faculty know how to do this because they’ve done it themselves. Every one of them has successfully led social change efforts that solve complex social problems. We’ve brought them all together in one place just for you.  When you sign up for the course, here’s what you’ll experience:

The Curriculum

  • Live, interactive monthly online training on the critical twelve skills you must master to have more impact as a social change leader
  • Monthly group coaching sessions with our faculty so you have the support you need to integrate these new skills immediately
  • Access to our members-only web-based forum so none of your questions go unanswered
  • The inspiration, know-how, encouragement and support you need to become the kind of social change leader you know you’re capable of becoming
  • Access to materials we spent years collecting so that you never have to reinvent the wheel
  • The benefit of learning with a small group of leaders for the quality time and support you need


  • Mastering the techniques and skills that will give you the confidence to lead social change in a powerful way
  • Completely eliminating interpersonal drama from your workplace and focus all your energy on getting the most important things done
  • Experiencing greater freedom, connection, creativity, and impact than ever before in your entire life
  • Having the discipline to say “no” to things you don’t want to do and focus all your energy on the tasks with the greatest impact
  • Having at your fingertips the tools and resources that The Social Change Agency has gathered that have contributed to their success in leading social change
  • All the while having more impact for positive change in the world

The Details…

  • Monthly online expert-led instruction.  The instruction is an hour long and begins promptly at 12:00 PM PST on the second Thursday of each month.  All participants will receive recordings of instruction in case they can’t attend a session live. You can join at any point in the year and over the course of a year, all 12 modules will be taught.
  • Monthly small-group coaching calls are designed to support full integration of the concepts.  These calls will be scheduled at times to optimize participation among registered students.  This is your chance to “learn in public” – something we prize – by bringing to the instructors an issue related to the course material to receive on the spot coaching.
  • Unlimited access to our private online forum for asking questions and receiving feedback from faculty and peers will be available for all participants throughout your enrollment in the course.

Your Investment: $97/month

Guarantee: If for any reason you think our course isn’t the best $97 you’ve ever spent just send us an email and we’ll gladly refund you whole $97 for that month immediately.

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 Basic Enrollment includes:

  • Monthly Expert-Led Instruction
  • Monthly Group Coaching so none of your questions go unanswered
  • Unlimited Access to the Private Web Forum

Investment:  $97/month for 12 months

Want to download this as a brochure?  Here you go:  The Social Change Agency’s Offerings Brochure

Questions? Contact Becky Kanis becky@socialchange.be or call (213) 219-9806

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