Boot Camp for Social Change Leaders

We’re developing an in-person Boot Camp for Social Change Leaders to launch in January 2015.

Here’s our current vision:

  • Create a live, in-person, experiential container for optimal integration of the life-transforming concepts covered in our Powerful Leadership for Social Change Course.
  • Create an elite cohort of 20 Project Director level leaders from across all sectors of social benefit work
  • Bring the 20 leaders together twice over the course of a year for a week each time for exceptional professional development opportunities
  • Locate the majority of the training in Los Angeles’ Skid Row – where just about every social problem imaginable converges in just 50 blocks
  • Welcome world-class faculty for intensive immersions
  • Exquisitely support each leader so they graduate from the Boot Camp with the skills and confidence to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Sound awesome?  Let us know and we’ll keep you posted as this develops

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