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Technically, you may not be in charge, but you are someone who gets things done.

Influence without authority?  Check.

Working to make the world a better place?  Check.

Powerful Leaders for Social Change inspire the people around them to operate on a whole new level.

They get it that solving complex, entrenched social problems requires a whole new approach, one that includes a relentless “whatever it takes” discipline matched with superb interpersonal skills.

You can be the smartest person with the best idea in the whole world, but if your interpersonal skills are weak, you might as well be pushing a rock up a hill.  All your hard work will routinely backfire while you scramble to untangle one workplace drama after another.

Similarly, you can have the best interpersonal skills in the world, but if you don’t know and rigorously apply the basic mechanics that drive a successful social change effort, you will never have the impact you desire.

This kind of leadership has nothing to do with organizational hierarchy, and everything to do with making a difference in the world.

It is not like anything you’ve ever been taught before, because it’s never been combined in this unique way until now.

Powerful Leaders for Social Change master these skills and integrate them into every aspect of their leadership:

1.  Cultivate openness to learning in yourself and others

2.  Create big, audacious goals that have real deadlines; be able to write your theory of change on a napkin – it’s that simple to explain.

3.  Inspire healthy responsibility in yourself and others.

4.  Live in a state of total transparency.  No secrets.  No gossip.  No biting your tongue.  

4.  Align yourself and your team-mates to work in genius 100% of the time.

5.  Work with – instead of against – the Diffusion of Innovation Curve for spreading change.

6.  Establish healthy inter-personal norms for every group that you work with, whether or not you are the leader.

7.  Institute the discipline of rapid testing and learning in everything you do.

8.  Face into data on a regular basis and calibrate your tactics accordingly.

9.  Establish a team discipline and infrastructure for recurring meetings, reporting relationships, and decision-making that optimizes for co-creation, co-ownership, effectiveness, and agility. 

10.  Develop your fullest range of leadership skills that taps into your inner-Coach, inner-Creator, and inner-Challenger as needed.  

11.  Apply the principles for supporting change as described in the book SWITCH by Dan & Chip Heath.

12.  Infuse appreciation as a daily habit while completely eliminating blame and criticism from your teams (and your life).

Does this inspire you?

If yes, you’ve found your people!  This is your community, and we’re excited to co-create it with you!  All of the products and services of The Social Change Agency are designed to support you in becoming the best possible leader for social change that you are capable of becoming.  We will be with you every step of the way.  We’re so glad you’re here.

Consider taking your leadership skills to the next level by enrolling in our Powerful Leadership for Social Change Course today.

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